So I unfortunately didn’t make it this season, but that doesn’t stop me from helping YOU (the viewers, fans, random people, etc) from getting to know what I think about this season’s cast! There are 16 people this season.

100 days of Big Brother, was something Julie Chen (@juliechen) had mentioned for the upcoming season. Then she gave us a house tour, click here. I laughed when Julie Chen, said the “kids” being houseguests won’t know what a type writer is, I actually remember using one and yes I’m a “kid” who also texts. I love the house design this year! Though a friend of mine said they had a feel of Season 2, which I can agree with, but there are bound to be similarities. I enjoy the house being called “Mid Century Modern.”

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Now Ms. Robyn Kass (@Kassting) if you don’t know who she is, you should, the casting director for the show along with her team have scoured the country for these houseguests. Jeff Schroeder (@jeffschroeder23) did the press “junket” with the new houseguests, so that’s where I’m getting my first impressions. You’ll know who theses people are and what I think of them.

Ok, so enough of a delay, here are my thoughts of the houseguests!

Meet the Houseguests

Nick Uhas – 28 from Columbus, OH lives in NYC.
Professional Stunt Rollerblader, Automotive Auto Specialists

First thing to mention Nick is from Ohio and we all know how we in Michigan aren’t fans of Ohio folk. But in my opinion give this guy a chance! Nick seems very energetic and ready to play in the Big Brother house. Is it just me or does anyone get a Dan Gheesling vibe from him? Or maybe a Boogie vibe? Or a combination of the two?

Spencer Clawson – 31 from Conway, AK
Railroad Conductor

So I really liked Spencer’s interview. Seems very down to earth and a bit of a homebody. Interesting to hear he was a fan of the show since season six. I really like how Spencer is really taking it in and excited that he’s in the Big Brother house. I think Spencer is a “likable dude” type considering that he’s not a clean person. Hopefully we’ll get an explosion and PSA for washing hands after going to the bathroom. If you know what I’m referring to, you’ve been a Big Brother watcher.

Jessie Kowalski – 25 from San Antonio, TX

Jessie is one of three people from Texas. I really liked how Jeff asked if she was a trustworthy person and Jessie’s response was lackluster. Jessie says she’s emotional but I didn’t see it from the interview. We’ll see how she’ll fair with the other houseguests. I’m going to make a slightly bold prediction in that we will see Jessie soon out of the Big Brother house. Hopefully she can bring her personality and share it with the other houseguests.

Kaitlin Barnaby – 23 from Minneapolis, MN

Kaitlin definitely has the Minnesota accent. I liked how she admitted being a newbie fan of the show. Which I think will be a good thing for her however she better know when to play the game quickly. I’m surprised Kaitlin said she’s co-dependent but is very guarded. Bartenders have done well in the house because of their social skills which will be very good for her. But will her social skills be enough for her to win? I see Kaitlin doing well in competitions or being seen as a threat by the other ladies.

Jeremy McGuire – 23 from Clearlake Shore, TX
Unemployed, but a Captain in his own boat.

Alpha male alert! Jeremy is another person from TX and he definitely has that macho type persona. Jeremy does have his eyes on the prize. He’s treading the line of cocky and confident. I will not be surprised to see Jeremy taking part of some shomances and arguments in the Big Brother house. I can also see Jeremy forming a guy’s alliance.

Helen Kim – 37 from Falls Church, VA now lives in Chicago
Mom of two kids and works in Politics

I am so excited to see Helen in the house. She’s got so many great things going for her. I see Helen as someone like Danielle Reyes from season two. She’ll definitely be the Big Brother house mom. Helen is also a bit of a dark horse in my eyes but she could also play the game too hard, too quickly and pay the consequences. Helen’s work background will help her, the game is political and I see her social skills. Her interview really got me excited and I’m cheering her on!

Elissa (Reilly) Slater – 27, from Concord, NC lives in Kannapolis, NC
Fitness & Nutrition Specialist and Yoga Instructor

Well we have someone who is familiar with this game … sort of. Elissa’s sister is Rachel Reilly (@RachelReilly) season 12 and winner of season 13, so we can expect a lot of other houseguests asking her if she knows a former Big Brother houseguest. And of course they’ll be telling her she looks like Rachel. She definitely would be a target in my game because of the fact her sister played it. But Elissa isn’t her sister and I am giving her a chance to show that just because her sister is an icon — doesn’t mean she can’t be just as iconic.

Amanda Zuckerman – 28 from Long Island, NY and lives in Boynton Beach, FL
Real Estate Agent

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Amanda was very upfront about using what she’s got. So expect the guys to be looking her way, but she is very tuned with how the game works, she doesn’t want a showmance. Throughout her interview I felt like Amanda was trying to sell herself to Jeff and I wasn’t really buying it. I highly doubt she doesn’t have any dislikes. I will be looking forward to seeing Amanda blow up or get into an argument in the house. I wonder if the houseguest will buy what Amanda is selling.

Candice Stewart – 29 from New Orleans, LA lives in Houston, TX
Pediatric Speech Therapist

Being a football cheerleader, former Miss USA contestant and a kid’s speech therapist is a lot for one person. Candice has the brains and beauty it seems. This can be a great asset. I expect to see Candice compete and do well, especially the endurance. I expect to see Candice in a showmance, but we’ll have to watch and see.

McCrae Olson – 23 from St.Francis, MN
Pizza Delivery Boy

McCrae is a superfan of the show! McCrae has the Minnesota accent as well. It’ll be interesting to see how he’ll interact with the ladies. I get the vibe of Ian from McCrae. Fun fact: when the announcement of the houseguests went live, Janelle Pierzina (@JanellePierzina) from season six, seven (All Stars) and 14, tweeted she was rooting for McCrae and a pic with the houseguest. “Know your role, shut your hole,” I couldn’t stop laughing when he said this. I predict some funny soundbites from this guy.

Judd Daughtery – 26 from Englewood, TN

Judd or “Party Darty” has a great personality. Did anyone else notice Judd wearing a similar shirt as Jeff? Also, I won’t be surprised to see Judd get into an argument. Judd is either a hick or red neck or both. But I really liked how he brought up donating some of the month, if he wins, to St. Jude’s because they helped his little cousin and friend. So we’ll see whether Judd will be the life of the party, a pain or both.

Howard Overby – 29 from Hattiesburg, MS
Youth Counselor

This guy is built. I wonder what would happen if Jessie from season 10 and Howard had an arm wrestling match who would win. Howard mentions he’s a thinker and I believe he’s got a plan to win this game. But he’ll be seen as a target because of his physical stature. I wonder how Howard will handle slop or being a have-not in the Big Brother house. I can expect Howard to get into an alliance early in the game to secure his safety.

GinaMarie Zimmerman – 32 from Staten Island, NY
Pageant Coordinator

So when I heard GinaMarie said she was a pageant coordinator a red flag went up in my head. A houseguest mentioned they did Miss USA and GinaMarie is a coordinator for a pageant. Could that possibly be Miss USA and be a twist? I’m just guessing and probably starting a rumor. I really enjoyed GinaMarie’s laid back style during the interview. She was being very casual but also acting determined to win Big Brother. Is she “born ready” to win this game? We’ll have to wait and see.

David Girton – 25 from San Diego, CA
Beach Lifegaurd

DUDE! David is definitely that Cali boy. Let’s see how many times throughout the season David says dude and like. Remember when I mentioned hygiene with another houseguest — I wonder if that will be mentioned. I can see David throwing games even though he said he’s competitive. Fun fact: during his interview he said “dude” 10 times and “like” a lot! As Jeff said, I can see DG (his nickname from Jeff) being a fan favorite. Will he be yours?

Andy Herren – 26 from Chicago, IL
Public Speaking Professor

We have a ginger in the house! I mean that in the most positive way! Andy has friends from Aurora, IL which is ironically the hometown of Jeff. So could they know each other? Again, I’m stirring the pot. Andy is a talker and will be a good trait to have in the Big Brother house. I think Andy will be popular with the ladies. Does anyone want to start the pool of when Andy will crack? I give it less than a few hours. After Andy hears the twist he’ll crack. But I could be wrong.

Aaryn Gries – 22 from San Marcus, TX
Psychology Student at Texas State

Aaryn can be judged by the way she looks. We’ll see if that will impact her chances of winning. Aaryn reminds me sort of like Jordan, the winner of season 11. I find Aaryn very likable, but also someone where girls would be jealous of her getting the attention of the boys. Aaryn says she’s picky about boys but we’ll see if that holds up. I predict a showmance in her future in the Big Brother house.

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Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. He hopes to one day be on Big Brother and win. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. He’s a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and can be found popping up in movie production sets and theater stages around Detroit. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter /Facebook / Email