TAYLOR (AP) – A 52-year-old man with cerebral palsy is traveling by motorized wheelchair from Michigan to Washington, D.C., as part of an effort to push for the legalization of marijuana.

Curtis Kile left his home June 14 in the Detroit suburb of Taylor on a path to the White House, the Detroit Free Press reported.

Kile was in Hagerstown, Md., over the weekend. During his trip, he’s been stopping often to talk with anyone who will listen to him discuss his mission.

“The younger ones, they just give us a thumbs up,” he said. “But the older ones come over and say they agree with me. And `be safe on your journey,’ a lot of them say.”

Kile’s goal is to share his message with President Barack Obama that legalization would give people safer, cheaper access to the drug for medical reasons. Kile, who uses marijuana to control muscle spasms and other cerebral palsy symptoms, plans to arrive Thursday at the White House.

Michigan voters in 2008 approved marijuana for some chronic medical conditions, but the Michigan Supreme Court in February slammed the door on marijuana shops.

Kile’s support crew includes his son Curtis Kile Jr., 17, who drives their van. The teen, who plans to attend Eastern Michigan University in the fall, usually sleeps in a tent along the way. Back home, Curtis Kile’s daughter has been forwarding donations to the pair.

“They really don’t have much money left,” said MaryAnn Kile, 23. “As soon as someone donates, I call them and say, `Hey, I just got 50 bucks.”‘

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