DETROIT (WWJ) – Both men and women believe sending explicit texts and pictures to others can be detrimental to your relationship.

Is sexting considered cheating? That question was asked by YouGov which polled a thousand adults in the U.S.

“We found that actually sexting is by most accounts, unambiguously, considered cheating,” said Ben Henderson of YouGov. “Seventy-four percent of men, 85 percent for women.”

Dr. Terri Orbuch, Sociology Professor at Oakland University tells WWJ’s Zahra Huber she thinks both men and women believe sexting as well as cheating are both a betrayal of trust.

“And trust is an essential important ingredient in any love relationship and when that trust is broken – that’s definitely harmful to a relationship,” said Dr. Orbuck.

In her own study, Orbuch says when it came to relationships, trust was number one for both men and women.

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