BRIGHTON (WWJ) – Officials at the Brighton Center for Recovery say the death of Glee star Corey Monteith may be responsible for an increase in calls from local addicts seeking help for their struggles.

The British Columbia coroner tells the Associated Press that Monteith died of overdose of heroin and alcohol.

While alive Monteith‘s struggles with addiction were well-publicized.

Scott Masi of the Brighton Center for Recovery says when addicts fall off the wagon, they generally get into trouble very quickly.

“Drug use does not discriminate among any social or economic clients, ” Masi said.

He says the call volume to the center has increased about 20 percent since Monteith’s death. “The young people that are on the fence – they’ve been struggling for a while and they call basically asking about information, about inpatient treatment … and what it entails.

Masi says it’s not just addicts calling in – it’s also family and friends looking to help a loved one.

“During times like that truly exposes the public to the vulnerability and seriousness of this issue and its potential consequences.”

“The amount that is used and the quickness that it takes to get to a dark place, escalates dramatically,” said Masi.

Results of toxicology tests on Monteith are still pending.


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