By George Fox

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According to Gizmodo, an amazing video technology is planned to be part of NFL football games starting this September. The gadget blog is buzzing with movie and sports nerds alike. It’s nice to see the combination of MLB, NFL and action movie geeks all excited about something together.

The company behind the video is Replay-Technologies. They’re calling it “freeD” or Free Dimensional Video. Try to say it without sounding like a three-year-old. I dare you.



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Replay–Technologies recently announced its plan to provide the tech to the Dallas Cowboys for both end zones. It will also be used in Sunday Night Football. A similar setup is now installed at Yankee Stadium where the freeD demo videos were captured.

“Fans will think they’re playing a video game or watching a Sci-fy movie, but they’ll actually be viewing real NFL football as never presented before,” said Fred Gaudelli, Executive Producer of SNF for NBC Sports.

It might just be the amount of coffee I drank this morning, but this video is freaking me out a little. In a good way.

Too bad we won’t see the Lions on Sunday Night Football this year. I want to see Stafford connect with Calvin in “bullet time.”

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