By Mark Drum

Last night’s episode of Big Brother was the best yet for this season. I really hope it showed other viewers how crazy Amanda is and how big of a threat she is in the game. I literally wanted to entitle this recap, “The Amanda Show,” but that isn’t true, we did see other houseguests speak and talk about themselves. So it’s not just about Amanda and didn’t want to confuse people with an old millennial kids TV show. However America got it right yet again and I am happy that I was able to contribute to putting Amanda up on the block. Let’s recap how her ignorance is getting the best of her selfish ways and how the houseguests are not having it.

GinaMarie’s Politics

Now GinaMarie’s “real talk” wasn’t really believable for me. If she was trying to be serious GinaMarie should have just told Jessie & Candice that they’re threats to her game. But we were entertained with a lengthy speech with laughing commentary from the other houseguests, more specifically Judd. Seeing GinaMarie as HOH has been a roller coaster of a ride. Seeing possible glimpses of GinaMarie playing the game and then we see GinaMarie attempting to play the game.

McManda Is Crumbling

Not surprise to see this finally coming into fruition. Or could this just be a lover’s quarrel? The fact that Amanda started talking like a baby to McCrae then not getting her way was pretty childish and petty. Amanda’s emotions are getting the best of her, which is affecting her game as well as her showmance engagement with McCrae. Poor McCrae having to try the be the voice of reason to Amanda but unable to get through to her. If only Amanda realized that McCrae is right, she would look like a fool and have some humble pie. However McCrae doesn’t want Amanda to scorn him. At the end of the day McCrae is starting to realize he may have to cut Amanda before she cuts him.

Amanda Hunts For The BBMVP

I enjoyed yet again Amanda’s reaction on her nomination from the “mysterious,” BBMVP. Thank you America, I’m glad America nominated Amanda up for eviction. I enjoyed how Amanda starts to go on a rampage bullying for the POV to be used on her and not on Candice or Jessie. I find it ironic that Amanda thought McCrae is dictating the relationship. When in reality it’s Amanda unable to look in the mirror or hear what’s coming out of her mouth sometimes. Not as bad as Aaryn or GinaMarie or Spencer, but just as bad. I look forward to the conversation Amanda will have with Julie and how she views this episode as well as the past episodes of how she was portrayed. I wonder how Amanda’s employer as well as potential clients handle how she’s been acting, whether they’ll continue to do business with her or not. Meanwhile in the Big Brother house, it seems like Amanda is losing potential buyer and alliance members.

POV Rewards & Consequences

Judd said it best, “Amanda and Candice were acting like fools,” during the POV competition. Candice was calling Amanda out and trying to create the target bigger on Amanda than on herself. Which I thought it was a smart move for Candice to tell Judd how Amanda thought Judd was BBMVP. Karma goes both ways and Amanda is starting to feel it. I really hope Candice is the sound bite for tonight’s live double eviction episode.

Clownietard, Cone of Shame and 50 Shades of Orange, were some pretty great consequences for the houseguests. I enjoyed GinaMarie and Candice’s upbeat attitude about their consequences. While Amanda looked hilarious with all those shades of orange spray tan. I hope that even though Judd decided to take the cash that it won’t affect his chances of winning. As I said before houseguests shouldn’t take the money because it can bite them back later in the game. Aaryn’s slight paranoia is amusing but continues to show she is trying to play the game. Aaryn has definitely been in the ear of GinaMarie, which Helen knows and made sure to deflect the attention of nominating Elissa.

My Prediction Of Eviction

So I’m really hoping Amanda is getting evicted with a unanimous vote. But if the house is going with what the HOH wants then we’ll see Candice walk out the door. Here’s hoping the houseguests think about their own game., who affects their chances of winning the game and hopefully get ride of another strong players. Strategically it would be smarter to keep a big target Candice and Amanda, and then vote out Spencer. However this may change when Julie announces to the houseguests about the live double eviction.

Fast Forward Week Predictions

So with a double eviction, I’m excited to see a weeks worth of Big Brother done in less than 60 minutes. The game talk is quickly shortened. As the viewer, we see how the houseguests handle the news and if they can handle the pressure. I’m predicting Elissa wins the Fast Forward Week, nominating GinaMarie & Spencer. Assuming if BBMVP is America, we’ll only have a limited amount of time to vote and it’ll probably be Aaryn who is nominated. POV I predicted Elissa will win and then backdoor Judd. With the eviction going to Judd with a unanimous vote. Seeing the Fast Forward Week, I’m always at the edge of my seat, cheering, yelling and making noise for the houseguests. Hoping some to succeed and others to fail.

My Prediction For HOH

After the Fast Forward week, I think Andy will finally win a HOH and we’ll get to see where his allegiance will stand or if we’ll have a new alliance form.

Tune in tonight at 9 p.m. on CBS 62 for all the exciting action of Big Brother!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. He hopes to one day be on Big Brother and win. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. He’s a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and can be found popping up in movie production sets and theater stages around Detroit. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter /Facebook / Email

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