The rumors are swirling that Mr. Derek Jeter has gotten engaged. So Karsch and Anderson need to know … Is this the right move for Jeter? Below you will find a photo gallery of all the women Jeter has been linked with before, then take a look at his newest lady — who he is rumored to be Hannah Davis. She is something to look at, that’s for sure! Vote in our poll below on who you believe Jeter should have married, or should he just stay single?

Below was Gator’s take on the Jeter situation before his engagement.

By: Scott Anderson

You gotta admit, Derek Jeter has quite a resume! Whether it’s Jessica Alba or Jessica Biel, Mariah Carey (when she was hot) or Jordana Brewster, and earlier last year Minka Kelly. But now Jeter has traded in yet again, this time for the Direct TV Genie Hannah Davis, who not so coincidentally is in the SI Swimsuit issue.

Jeter is living the ultimate bachelor’s life, he commands a huge salary, a future Hall of Famer, owns NYC and seemingly has his pick of the litter when it comes to ridiculously hot, famous chicks that everyone else fantasizes about. Nice work my man, nice work indeed!


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