The warehousing and storage industry in Metro Detroit is experiencing one of the sharpest increases in job growth in any industry across the board within this region. Contributing factors for growth in the Detroit, Livonia and Dearborn areas include the availability of vast industrial space located near a large population center that can serve manufacturers, distributors and retailers in a cost-effective manner. As the manufacturing climate shifts, so do the needs of clients who are seeking innovative technology, streamlined system integration and improved interfaces, which will successfully facilitate operations.

Warehousing and storage falls under the transportation warehousing and utilities industry, which itself experienced a 1.3 percent increase from the same time period in 2012, adding 400 positions from just May to June of 2013. The communities of Detroit, including Livonia and Dearborn, have witnessed steady employment in this field, holding at 39,000 total jobs filled within this category, according to current employment statistics released by the Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget for June 2013.

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The industry encompassing the warehousing and storage industry is just that – the storage of goods, usually in a warehouse. The field has evolved with the changing global conditions and has expanded its role from simply storing goods to engaging in logistics and distribution, often offered in addition to the storage services.

As many companies handle logistics, the industry can be further separated into categories such as labeling, sorting, packaging, inventory control and tracking, order fulfillment and transport facilitation.

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The solid growth rate achieved by the warehouse and storage industry is promising, with rising levels of employment expected well into the future. As cited by the DTMB, the job market in warehousing and storage has jumped by 10.81 percent throughout the last year, adding 400 jobs within a one-year timeframe. The current statistics show 4,100 employed in the industry, up from 3,700 from the same time period in June 2012.

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