DETROIT (WWJ) There are  kids in Latvia who have no souvenir cups at all, so it may be a petty complaint.

But it’s a complaint nonetheless.

The Detroit Lions sold snazzy souvenir cups at their opening game Sunday, and if they looked overly familiar, you weren’t imagining things.

They were the same cups as last year. That’s right, they sold $7 drinks in cups with 2012’s schedule emblazoned on them.

Watergate? More like Soda pop gate. The re-gifting of sorts was noted by ESPN’s Darren Rovell, who was sent a Twitter picture of the cup displaying last year’s schedule.

So, what do  you think — Is it a fair money-saving move by a team that spent big to bring superstars like Calvin Johnson and Reggie Bush to Detroit, or is it a cheapskate move meant to snooker fans who deserve better?

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