By Ashley Dunkak

Everyone knows football is a violent sport. A fight that broke out between two Pennsylvania high school teams this past weekend, however, took the brutality to a new level and prompted a police investigation.

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As extracurricular activity began after a play, Annville-Cleona’s Josh Hartman went to the ground, apparently trying to drag down Hamburg senior Joe Cominsky with him. Cominsky ripped off Hartman’s helmet and started beating him with it. Cominsky lifted Hartman’s helmet high, up to his head, and slammed it down on Hartman’s unprotected head twice, and Cominsky was bringing the football up to strike Hartman with it again before other players subdued him.

Fights break out fairly regularly in football games, but this was something different entirely. Police are considering filing charges against Cominsky. As a fight continued behind him, Hartman walked away slowly, looking stunned. He is reported to be all right, having suffered a cut but not a concussion.

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Cominsky and another player were ejected, and both are required to be suspended at least one game.

In my opinion, Cominsky should be done for the season, maybe kicked off the team completely. He could have seriously injured Hartman, and from the way he was rearing back to bash Hartman in the head a third time before teammates intervened, he would have continued until he did.

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Such a vicious attack off the football field would certainly warrant criminal charges. Because the incident occurred on the field should make no difference. We have all seen fist fights and sucker punches during games, but this was completely different.