ROCHESTER (WWJ) — OptimizeRx Corp. (OTCQB: OPRX) announced the launch of OptimizeHR, its electronic health records consulting and implementation practice.

Building on the company’ SampleMD e-coupon and e-voucher program, OptimizeHR is a one-stop EHR strategy and implementation service for pharmaceutical and biotech brands and the agencies that advise them. OptimizeHR brings together not only OptimizeRx’s dominant, market-leading distribution reach, totaling more than 300 EHRs, as well as partners like Physician’s Desk Reference, Krames-Staywell and DrFirst’s Patient Advisor to deliver product information, patient education and adherence products and services.

OptimizeHR has additional pending relationships with other key industry players to add further solutions and reach to impact more physicians and patients.

Said Shad Stastney, chairman and CEO of OptimizeRx: “By virtue of the strength of our team and our partners, combined with the success we’ve already proven in reaching healthcare providers through their EHRs, we can customize and leverage best-in-class solutions to help our clients reach and assist doctors and patients directly in their EHR workflow. We’re thrilled to now be able to offer our clients all of the strategies, solutions, training and implementation they will need to fully access the EHR opportunity through our OptimizeHR solution. From understanding the goals of the clients to developing, training, launching and measuring innovative programs — OptimizeHR will streamline and optimize our clients’ success. We have already begun to provide these services to key pharmaceutical companies and we expect this to further differentiate our value within this exciting, yet complex, digital space.”

Additionally, the company announced its e-coupon and e-voucher distribution total for August was 101,748, which together with July’s total of 110,654, brings total distributions for the first two months of the third quarter of 2013 to 212,402, compared to 54,905 during the same two months of 2012.

“We’re gratified to see more and more patients and their doctors each month benefitting from the savings delivered by our solutions, and the better adherence and outcomes that should result from lowering the patient’s cost of getting on and staying on a prescription,” Stastney said. “We expect that growth trend will continue, thanks to the increasing recognition of our value proposition among our pharmaceutical and EHR clients.”

For more information about the company, please go to or call (248) 651-6568.


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