Inkster Water Bill

INKSTER, Mich. (WWJ) – It’s a huge utility bill that one homeowner says is all wet: a water bill that can’t be real, but is.

Inkster resident Tracy Kroll received a water bill in the mail in the amount of $4,000! She doesn’t own a pool, a hot tub or a waterfall, so there’s no explanation for the astronomical bill. With the last bill for the single mother of two amounting to a couple hundred dollars, what gives?

“Everybody said that’s the main issue in Inkster,” Kroll said. “The fact that the water bills; the water bills are either not given on time, or when they are, they’re that outrageous pricing and that’s exactly what, I guess, maybe I’m running into. I mean I’ve only moved in and lived here since the middle of April.”

Kroll has called the Inkster Water Department numerous times, but thus far, there’s been no response. WWJ has called Inkster Water Department officials, as well, but those calls have not been returned.

In the meantime, Kroll’s bill is due on November 14. She says she doesn’t have a mere $4,000 lying around, so she plans to challenge the outrageous bill.


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