ST. CLAIR SHORES (WWJ) Attorney Corbett O’Meara, the namesake son of U.S. Judge John Corbett O’Meara, died in a car crash this weekend.

O’Meara, 47, died Saturday, Nov. 9, 2013, when when he smashed his Acura into a Mercedes Benz on northbound Harper at Shady Lane in St. Clair Shores, police said. The other driver, a grandmother who was on a bagel run, is in critical condition at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. She’s on a ventilator, a family friend said, adding her family is anguished.

O’Meara will be dearly missed, according to Teras Nykoriak, a friend of Corbett O’Meara’s, who worked in translation for the courts and did investigations for O’Meara’s cases.

“(He had) a down-to-earth mentality on the streets, but at the same point when he was in court, he worked and he fought for every single client, every single client was different, and he understood every single client that came into his office and every single client that he represented in court,” Nykoriak said.

St. Clair Shores police say they don’t know why the Grosse Pointe Farms resident crashed into the Mercedes. Officers say anyone with information should call St. Clair Shores Police at 586-445-5300.



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