by Kathryn Larson

BIRMINGHAM (WWJ) – Sheldon Yellen is Michigan’s “Undercover Boss” and he’s about to appear on the CBS show once again. Among seven other “epic” bosses, Yellen will appear in a second episode to share his experience of being found out, or in his case of revealing himself to his employees. 

After nearly two decades inside his Birmingham headquarters, Sheldon Yellen still isn’t one for putting things up on his walls. Somewhere in the piles of mementos of his employees and their kids is his recently earned high school diploma, but he refuses to hang any of it.

Yellen explains his reluctance, “… when I first started in this business 28 years ago and we didn’t know every day if we were going to make payroll this coming week, and I always figured, if we don’t make payroll I just grab my things, put them in a box and go home.”

Among 7 other Fortune 500 companies featured on the show, the property restoration company Belfor often goes to areas hit by natural disasters. Most recently the company went to New Jersey after Superstorm Sandy and the Washington Illinois tornadoes.

“Belfor does the best of things in the worst of times,” said Yellen. “Our people commit themselves to these projects out of state away from home and they give up their holidays to help others in need,” he added.

Yellen’s Big Plans For Detroit

Buying up commercial and residential properties, Yellen is excited about the revitalization of Detroit. “We’ve watched what Dan Gilbert has done downtown,” he said.

Sharing a few details of his plan Yellen said, “We have purchased a few buildings downtown and we’re looking to invest more.” “Some of them are rental properties, apartment units,” he added. “We just moved the professional group into the Hudson building,” Yellen said adding that the division of the company includes 1400 employees.

The network is talking to Yellen about doing more on TV beyond his latest appearance on “Undercover Boss”.

The episode “Busted Bosses” airs Friday at 8 p.m. on CBS. Metro Detroiters can watch the episode on CBS 62.

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  1. Sharon Pilon says:

    We hired Belfour Restoration based on the episode we saw on Undercover Boss. What a mistake! Seven months ago, yes, folks, seven MONTHS ago we had a leak from our refrigerator that ruined the sub-floor in our kitchen, dining room and breakfast room. Our project is still NOT finished. Belfour contractors have reflooded our kitchen floor twice, sheet rocked up an exterior wall without putting in insulations and installed flooring that now has to come out because it is crooked. I am here to tell you our experience has been a nightmare and it’s not our insurance company. The insurance broker and rep said they have never seen such a mess. So, if you have a restoration project and this company is recommended, I would say, “run the other way.” I would love for Sheldon Yellen to contact me. Oh, and I did file my comments on their website, asking for a call and never heard back.

  2. Terrie Richards says:

    I absolutely appreciate CEO Sheldon. He seems to really “get it”. I don’t work for him. After, the airing of Undercover Boss Update , I Google the company to see how I could be a part of a great company! I’m fully employed with my company for 25 years!

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