Shannon Sails, the Dancing Usher stopped by CBS Radio in Detroit fresh off his stint on late night TV to talk with WWJ and demonstrate his moves. Station employees faced off against him in a video dance-off.

Stoney did his best to one up the talented Sail with interpretive dance and a variety of classic moves including “Dealing Cards,” “Pogo,” and “The Sprinkler.”

Sails is well-known for his moves during timeouts during Pistons games and The Palace of Auburn Hills. He first got national attention when his moonwalk made it to the arena’s big screen in April of 2013.

During a November 19 Detroit Pistons game against New York, fans were getting in the groove during a segment of crowd interaction known as the State Farm “Dance Cam.” The camera settled on Antoine Alexander a boy dancing and cuts back and forth in a battle between the famous Dancing Usher.

MoreWatch promotions staffer Laurie try out her moves vs. the Dancing Usher.

(credit: George Fox/CBS Detroit)

(credit: George Fox/CBS Detroit)


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