(Video produced by: Malesa Owens McGhee)

DETROIT (WWJ) – A Detroit children’s choir is trying to send a powerful message about the city through music.

The choir at the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences has created a music video they hope will go viral.

Ten-year-old choir member Asia Newson said the whole thing is about creating a community filled with hope and a future for everyone.

“We’re just basically asking people where is the love because a lot of stuff is going on in our world and a lot of people don’t know what’s going on and everything is just like so crazy and the kids need love. We need motivation and determination and we need love, so we’re asking them ‘Where is the love, guys? Come on, where is the love,'” she said.

The video focuses exclusively on Detroit, its ongoing revitalization and showcases people who are working tirelessly to reshape the Motor City.

Twelve-year-old Kamara Brown said even though people might have heard the song before, she wants them to really listen this time.

“Us children, we really do ask our parents, like ‘What’s wrong with the world? Why is this happening? Why was my father shot?’ We really do ask those questions,” she said.

Producer Malesa Owens McGhee said the video has already gained so much attention, the choir has been invited to sing at Disney World in Florida next May. Now, the group needs help getting there. Anyone interested in donating or helping the choir can contact McGhee at 313-418-1914 or momi2iinc@gmail.com.


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