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Forget that this is about to be X-mas week. A time for family and friends and humanity in general to come together in one accord, to send peace and love throughout the world.

When it comes to the Lions and their head coach Jim Schwartz , what transpired today and over the past six weeks has shown that all the good that Schwartz has done in his five-year run is overshadowed by the bad by as big of a swath of horridness , it could cover the distance between Mars and former planet Pluto.

As Josh Brown’s field goal sailed through the uprights sealing the Lions fate, much more than just the Lions being eliminated from the playoffs came to the forefront as the second the ball crossed over the yellow bar, it was like a knife had been stabbed into the hearts of Lions fans everywhere.

Those fans that endured an 0-16 season, that saw a franchise start a rebirth that seemed so promising , took them to the playoffs in 2011, took them 6 steps back to a four win year in 2012, and then comes this year.

How can you even explain it . All the talent , all the promise, all the ability for a franchise to come out of irrelevance, to come to respectability, all gone. ripped away and shoved in the torso like a samurai jams the sword into his enemy’s heart.

The difference though is that the enemy this time is the team itself , but even more so the leader of the army, the captain of the ship. The coach that seemed to care more about his image and to belittle those around him, then to actually help set a team up for success.

True, he can’t catch the ball, he can’t throw a pass, he can’t tackle a running back , or kick a field goal, but most importantly he can inspire his team. set them up for success instead of failure and it has become as vividly evident as the most majestic and sad Van Gogh painting, over the past six weeks that he simply has been unable to do that.

The Lions were 6-3, in many ways being handed the division due to injuries, horrible QB play, and just general karma after so many brutal years, or so we thought. What was happened was the reality of the situation coming to bear.

The Lions are a team with a lot of talent, with players that can rise to the occasion, but their coach is not. I have defended Jim Schwartz time and time again, saying to so many that wanted to give him no respect for the positives he did do for the team- that they have to show respect to the strides that he made.

Before he came here that the Lions were the worst team, at least by record, in the history of the NFL.

That good vibe is all gone now, that ability to take a team and a franchise from the depths to the playoffs in 3 years means nothing. I will admit it. The 10-6 year was the aberration, not the exception. I was wrong, but in my heart I know I am right about this. The Lions need a sea change with their leadership and that starts with Jim Schwartz.

I like to consider myself a very kind, respectful, and understand person and the fact that it is about Christmas week is brutal to even think about this. But the time has come , it is time to send a message that this kind of play, this kind of result is completely unacceptable!

Maybe I am being harsh, but i am being brutally honest. With what has transpired it is time for Schwartz to go. Do it now, do it fast, like pulling off a sticky band-aid. Send the message that this is not the Same Old Lions!

A theory I have never subscribed to in my 36 years of life, but if I am to be brutally honest, finally have accepted as the reality. How else do you explain what has happened to a team that seemed to be handed the world , but was taking it in stride and actually doing things it hadn’t in years, or ever.

The absolute reality is the Lions just blew one of the most golden opportunities they have had in years, in many people’s lifetimes, and the way to make it not happen again is to make a change from the top. To get the type of people in here that would not yell at his own fans in the late part of one of the most important games of the season, maybe in years.

That would not think that they are infallible and can do know wrong. You can show respect to where Jim Schwartz has brought this time, but the writing on the wall is as clear as a neon sign on the surface of the moon. This regime needs to be blown up, needs to be sent to pasture, and it has to be done now! Not Later, NOW! It starts at the top, it has to be about accountability.

There is simply no reason to wait when the result is so evident that this team will go nowhere but backwards with its current leadership. It’s ok to show gratitude to the positive they have done, as this hearty, grateful, and passionate fan base has done so much.

They deserve  more, they deserve better, they deserve success. It is simply as clear now as a shining beacon in the beautiful northern Christmas sky that will not happen with its current head coach.

Note to Lions: Call the press conference Monday. Ease our pain! Give all of the amazing fans a happy holiday.



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