MINNEAPOLIS (WWJ) – The snowy conditions are making it difficult to drive and impossibly in some instances to fly.

The Ferris State Hockey Team is just trying to get home following a tournament in Minnesota – and so far – most haven’t had any luck.

Players are stretched out in the Minneapolis terminal – some sleeping, others playing cards while assistant coaches go over a new game plan – what to do to get back home to Big Rapids.

The second ranked Bulldogs are stuck in Minnesota for now…but according to radio announcer Dominic Hennig – at least the head coach and equipment manager lucked out.

“The funny thing is …they drove out separate which was kind of a smart idea because they actually left right after the game last night – we were supposed to fly out this morning and same thing meet them back at the ice arena but that obviously didn’t happen … we’re still stuck here so good planing on their behalf beforehand,” said Hennig.

Hennig says the players are pretty bored …

“I’m looking around, players are just sitting down in the terminals, some are playing cards, some are on their stomachs some are on their backs sleeping or on their tablets … but no sign of leaving anytime soon from the Minneapolis flight crew,” said Hennig.

A few of them put, ahem, engineering skills to use, creating a kind of human horse and riding it down the moving sidewalk.

The agenda for now is to get cold hard cash – so the student athletes can get some food.

The travel issues are just adding to the annoyance after a loss last night – the team’s first in nearly three months.


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