BRIGHTON (WWJ) — Brighton-based Nanovere Technologies announced the introduction of Nano-Clear, a product designed to improve corrosion and abrasion resistance in industrial applications.

The product also prevents degradation of paint from ultraviolet light, which is a key improvement over conventional paint systems and epoxies, which leave paint vulnerable to UV rays breaking down the paint’s internal molecular bonds, resulting in surface chalking, decreased abrasion resistance and discoloration.

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Nanovere says the technology will help in applications like U.S. Army landing craft, which have an epoxy system that begins to yellow within three weeks and corrodes after six months at sea, and Michigan Department of Transportation snowplow trucks, which have to be recoated every few years due to corrosion caused by salt.

Nanovere sans Nano-Cleaer penetrates deep into the smallest pores of paint, enhancing the underlying color, improving gloss, increasing surface hardness, and dramatically extending UV resistance. Nano-Clear protects the underlying paint from scratching, corrosion, chemicals and UV degradation, while reducing surface cleaning by 50 percent.

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Nano-Clear is manufactured using proprietary 3D nanostructured polymers, which provide dramatically higher crosslink density over any conventional coating system today. Crosslink density is defined as the concentration of chemical bonds within a polymer. Higher concentrations of chemical bonds within a polymer improve physical properties.

Nano-Clear has been validated by leading global organizations including the Army, Alcoa, Boeing & Accuride Truck Wheels. Nanovere is accepting global distributor applications for Nano-Clear. Interested parties may contact or call (810) 227-0077.

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