Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm will take on a pivotal role in the next presidential race after being tapped to become co-chair of Priorities USA Action, the largest liberal super PAC in the country, as it raises funds to help elect Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Though the former secretary of state and first lady has yet to announce her intentions in the 2016 presidential race, the fund continues to build momentum.

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Should Clinton ultimately decide not to enter the race, that fund would be dedicated to the Democratic presidential candidate.

Though 2016 is two years away, Clinton, who ran against Barack Obama in 2008, is viewed at the Democratic frontrunner. The GOP side has various names being mentioned including Gov. Chris Christie, Sen. Rand Paul and others.

Granholm, the two-term governor who has been teaching at UC Cal Berkley since leaving office, is going into the volunteer job with her eyes wide open.

“This is going to be a wildly expensive race,” Granholm said “Last time, Karl Rove and the Koch brothers raised hundreds of millions of dollar. We want to be competitive.”

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“We know that well-funded right-wing groups will raise record amounts of money to protect their narrow special interests. But as we proved in 2012, a strong message delivered effectively can help to level the playing field for Democratic candidates,” Granholm added.

Priorities USA Action was critical to helping Obama win re-election over former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney, Michigan’s native son and former Bain CEO.

Granholm will co-chair the Super Pac along with Jim Messina, who was Obama’s campaign manager in 2012.

Granholm has been a Hillary Clinton champion, supporting her over Barack Obama in Michigan’s 2007 presidential primary.

“She’s the strongest candidate out there should she decide to raise her hand,” Granholm said. “She has not said that she will. Hopefully, all the efforts will show Hillary that the country is ready for her.”

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