ROMULUS (WWJ) – Officials said two jetliners were stuck on taxiways at Detroit Metro Airport for over an hour because of the snow.

The jets ran into complications Wednesday morning as heavy snowfall created whiteout conditions in the Romulus area, according to airport spokesman Mike Conway.

“Shortly before 9 o’clock, we got a call that there were a couple of aircraft that weren’t moving in two different spots on the east side of the airfield,” he said. “One’s at the intersection of two taxiways and the other’s at the intersection of a taxiway and a runway.”

Conway said both planes are regional jets operated by Delta Air Lines affiliates, both with room for about 50 to 70 passengers. One jet is a flight from Charlotte, NC while the other is from Greensboro, NC. One plane apparently became stuck after its front tire went off the pavement, while the other jet clipped a snow bank and got stuck.

Conway said crews were able to use tug trucks to pull the jets out of the snow so they could taxi to the gate.

“The snow is coming down really intensely, it has been since about 8:30 and it’s been blinding snow,” he said.

After the two jets were freed, another plane was briefly stuck in the snow — but Conway said the pilot was able to power himself out before help arrived.

Conway said the airport had enough runway capacity to handle other arrivals and departures, so this situation did not affect flights. However, he added that some airlines issued delays and cancellations due to weather and other circumstances.

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