GRAND RAPIDS (WWJ) — The Grand Rapids logistics systems developer Dematic has introduced an order fulfillment system for piece picking applications called the Dematic Put Wall System.

It serves as an order consolidation and packing method that brings high productivity, order accuracy, speed and efficiency to the order fulfillment process.

The Dematic Put Wall System is scalable and modular, accommodating the changing operational requirements of the order processing environment.

“The Put Wall System combines order lines from multiple orders and creates high density, efficient picking throughout the warehouse,” said Dematic solution architect Steve Hoffman. “The Put Wall modules are used to consolidate and pack the items for each individual order.”

The Dematic Put Wall is a goods-to-person workstation, enabled by Dematic Order Fulfillment software, which contains a standard and configurable Put Wall solution set for store replenishment. Advanced algorithms within the software manage and direct complex piece picking functionality for batch picking optimization.

A typical Put Wall System has multiple workstations and often uses a conveyor system to deliver containers of preselected SKUs, usually in plastic totes, into the Put Wall module. The workstation is made up of a wall of shelving with individual compartments or ‘cubbies’ that hold one customer order each. Put Walls can support any number of separate order compartments, with 30 to 75 compartments the typical range. The compartments can be configured in different sizes to support multiple order volumes.

The process includes a 100 percent quality check by scanning each item at the Put Wall. Order processing is efficient since picking has critical mass volumes and order consolidation is integrated with the packing function. Overall labor productivity and ergonomic operation are realized. The entire process is paperless and managed in real time within the Dematic Order
Fulfillment software.

With the operational flexibility enabled by the order fulfillment software, each Put Wall module can process single line or multi-line orders. Put Walls can also be mounted on wheels so the order consolidation process can be moved around the distribution center or moved into position as daily requirements change. The system scales up for peak periods, by activating standby Put Walls. The modular construction of the Put Wall and configurable software allows fast and easy future expansion.

For more information regarding the Dematic Put Wall System, visit or contact Cheryl Falk at or (262) 860-6715.


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