DETROIT (WWJ) – Lotus, down dog – those were a couple of yoga positions more than two thousand people took on Ford Field in an attempt to set the world record for an indoor yoga class.

Nancy Philippart of Troy was one of those wanting to be a part of a world record.

Yoga Record 4 (BFisher)“I like the relaxation, I like the physical benefits, it’s a good chance to flex your body in ways you don’t normally do,” said Philippart.

Abbey Moore of Warren was trying it for the first time …

“Something relaxing, stretching, just finding your calm,” she said.

Moore said she wanted to try the calming exercise to relieve stress.

The attempt at the world record was an effort by Eric Paskel, who in early February said over 1,000 people had already signed up for the class, which was expected to include a Detroit Lion or two. Paskel said the class he teaches will be something that anyone can do, no matter the fitness level.

For Paskel, who owns the Yoga Shelter chain in metro Detroit, yoga is all about finding your “edge.” That means anyone can do any pose by finding the point where they are working as hard as they can for their own bodies. Someone who can’t reach their toes, for example, will get the same, or even better, workout than someone more flexible who is not working as hard.

Margaret Fitzgerald of Grosse Point Farms: “We’re big fans of yoga, and I love to Detroit, it’s just really exciting to be a part.”

Her daughter Kate celebrated her birthday at the event: “It’s a way for me to unwind, from my day-to-day activities and it’s ALL-around a profound experience that I am able to tap into on a very regular basis, which is nice,” she said.

Officials believe they’ve set a world record, but it is not official yet but could be known as soon as Monday.


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