What’s the connection between Brad Pitt and Spike Lee?

Believe it or not, the actor and director are actually cousins, 12th cousins to be exact. A genealogy website made the connection between Pitt and Lee.

Who would’ve thought?!

See more here.


How do you get America’s attention? You make a topless video of course.

That’s what reality star Khloe Kardashian decided to do in her first Vine video. In the video, the 29-year-old appears to be getting a spray tan.

See the short video here.


Singer Demi Lovato is sporting a new do’.

In January, she showed off a fuchsia hair color, but she took the hair one step further. Yesterday, Lovato apparently shaved off one side of her hair.

See the picture for yourself.


It’s the moment fans of “Transformers” have been waiting for. The trailer for the fourth installment “Age of Extinction” has been released. The film, which was mostly shot in Detroit, features new star Mark Wahlberg, lots of explosions, and a battle between Optimus Prime and a Dinobot t-rex.

Watch the more than 2-minute long trailer here.

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