TROY (WWJ) – Police in Troy put true detective skills to the test – following tracks in the snow to the door of a suspect.

On Monday, March 3, an armed robbery took place at the Speedway Gas Station on E. Maple at Rochester Road and the suspect showed a gun and stole approximately $400 in cash. During the search for suspects police found an air-soft BB gun in a snow bank.

Days later another armed robbery occurred at the Kelly’s Liquor Store on Rochester Rd.  The suspect also brandished a gun and was able to get away with approximately $4000 in cash. This time police, along with a K-9 tracker,  followed tracks in the snow, over fences and through backyards, until the tracks stopped at the door of a home.

Police were able to get a search warrant for the property and authorities state evidence was found in the home leading to the arrest of the three suspects.

Alonzo Harden, 21, Luranze Keon-Chavez Jones, 17 and Donovan Carlson, 17 all of Troy were arrested and arraigned at 52-4 District Court in Troy before Magistrate Clement J. Waldmann.


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