DETROIT (WWJ) – The city of Detroit and Ford Motor Company get a chance to shine in “Need For Speed,” the Electronic Arts-produced movie based on its hugely popular video game racing series.

First, the city of Detroit. The Renaissance Center and Campus Martius are featured prominently in the film. In one scene, star Aaron Paul (as Tobey Marshall) sits in a specially-designed Ford Mustang, which he uses to get the attention of his buddy – and the Michigan State Police.

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As for Ford, the automaker worked with the filmmakers to design a special souped-up Mustang, based on the 2013 Shelby GT500. This car will make Mustang owners (past, present and future) and sports car fans in general – ooh and ah. Legendary racer turned designer Carroll Shelby was working on a special 50th anniversary edition of the Shelby Mustang when he passed away in 2012. Ford designers collaborated with the filmmakers to style a car they hoped was similar to what Shelby would have created. Hence, the blue stripes and chrome. I’m sure Shelby would have been proud.

NEED FOR SPEEDWho is Tobey Marshall and what brings him to Detroit?

Marshall is the owner of Marshall Motors, a small auto repair shop in small-town Mt. Kisco, New York. So that he won’t lose his shop due to long-overdue bills, he accepts an offer from his former nemesis to build the fastest Mustang in the world and generate a tremendous payoff in return. Ultimately, Marshall and his buddies find themselves in the Motor City.

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In creating “Need for Speed,” the producers were essentially working with a blank slate, and they’ve done a pretty good job with this film. As fans of the video game franchise can imagine, viewers will definitely get their fill of action scenes (including a pretty incredible one involving the Mustang and a U.S. Army helicopter).

Despite its title, “Need for Speed” does start off a bit slow, but hang in there. Things do pick up, and you’ll want be sure to hold on tight for the street race of street races: The De Leon, which racers are able to get into by invitation only. This is one race that will definitely get your adrenaline going.

NEED FOR SPEEDIn addition to the Mustang, other iconic American muscle cars featured in the film are the ’69 Ford Gran Torino, ’68 Chevy Camaro and ’66 Pontiac GTO. There are also some pretty cool European super cars.

See you at the movies!

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