By: Mike Stone

The signing of Golden Tate and the re-signing of Joique Bell might pay dividends for the Detroit Lions, but patience and a cooperative Ndamukong Suh might have paid bigger dividends. Last Friday the Philadelphia Eagles cut Desean Jackson. This Friday Chris Johnson will be cut by the Tennessee Titans.

Let me ask you one question would you rather have Tate and Bell or Jackson and Johnson? I hope you didn’t take more than a second to answer Jackson and Johnson. The Lions rushed to sign Tate and although I know they are different type of backs, Chris Johnson is still a stud even though he had off season knee surgery. Hell I would even cut Reggie Bush to sign Johnson if they were so enamored with Bell. I know the money for Tate and Bell will probably be less than what Jackson and Johnson will make, but that’s where Suh comes in to play. He could have restrutured his deal to give the Lions millions more to play with get these guys.

I hope I am wrong. I would love to see Tate and Bell have Pro Bowl careers, but I think the chances of seeing Johnson and Jackson in the Pro Bowl are a little more realistic. Why can’t my favorite football team share my belief?