EAST LANSING (WWJ) — East Lansing-based learning management developer CourseWeaver Inc. said last week it had launched an extensive set of tools, services, maintenance and support services for global LON-CAPA assessment, content and learning management system.

LON-CAPA, launched in 2001, is a globally networked, advanced teaching, learning and assessment environment, with a shared learning object repository. The acronym stands for Learning Online Network with Computer Assisted Personalized Approach. Open-source and highly customizable, it was developed by a partnership of educators to meet the needs of teachers and students, and is in use by hundreds of institutions (K-12 and universities) across nine countries and four countries.

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“We are uniquely able to serve the LON-CAPA Community’s needs, having its Core Development Group from Michigan State University as part of our team“, said Robert Fulk, CourseWeaver co-founder and CEO.

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CourseWeaver is providing support services for campus installations of LON-CAPA (see http://courseweaver.com/lc_support.php); training and conferences (see http://courseweaver.com/lc_support.php); hosting services (see http://courseweaver.com/lcpricing.php); class templates (see http://courseweaver.com/lcclasstemplates.php); and more.

CourseWeaver‘s future offering combines a cutting-edge learning management and course builder system and an education content channel that combines with a content marketplace and content authoring tools. The system unites and integrates the supply, delivery, and management of education content and instruction. CourseWeaver allows independent content producers, authors, and professors to publish and sell educational content alongside commercial publishers and free open-source materials. That allows instructors to share, sell and use the best resources available for their individual needs, no matter where or by whom it’s produced.

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CourseWeaver is a tech spinout of Spartan Innovations in the Michigan State University Innovation Center.