SOUTHFIELD (WWJ) – Zombies are hot these days, thanks to hit TV shows like ” The Walking Dead.” Now, students at Southfield’s Regional Academic Campus, or S-RAC, have used the zombie theme for a new video warning kids not to become zombies when it comes to their education.

S-RAC Art Teacher Molly McNeece said the alternative high school was fully behind the idea of making the “Zombie Attack” video.

“Explaining to the principal that I was going to be dressing the students up as zombies, and we were going to be filming, and writing and doing this project was not a problem,” said McNeece. “Not only was he very supportive, but the district really does allow the teachers and students at my school to push the limits of how we learn and making learning fun.”

McNeece said the video is a fun way to make sure students don’t fail to graduate by being lazy, distracted or skipping class.

“The theme of zombies came up and they related the zombies to students who take the path of not being able to graduate,” said McNeece. “And they researched what sort of things would keep a student from graduating, like being homeless, or lazy, or truant, or facing problems at home.”

S-RAC Senior Gabby Nelson was one of the students who helped develop the project, and was the make-up artist on the film.

“We thought that since zombies are kind of dead, and basically high school students, the ones who don’t participate, seem to be dead,” said Nelson,”we thought it would be funny to make the connection between the two.”

Nelson said she was excited about working on the project, because she loves zombies and does zombie makeup on her own. And her dream is to be a makeup artist someday on a movie or show like “The Walking Dead.”

The video won first place in this year’s National Alternative Education Association Video Contest for Alternative Education.


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