By: Evan Jankens

Having been born in 1983, I don’t remember anything about the 1984 Detroit Tigers other than what I’ve seen in replays or read on the cover of the newspaper that is hung on my wall where Kirk Gibson is jumping up and down.

For anyone around my age who wasn’t able to celebrate the last Tigers World Series Championship, the baseball card company Topps has come up with a clever way to celebrate the ’84 Tigers.

Topps has released a package called, “1984 TIGERS ARCHIVES COLLECTION BOX – SERIES 1” which features a “Bless you Boys” hat, T-shirt, buttons, player patches, baseball cards and also a pennant. All of these items are celebrating the ’84 Tigers and to be honest for the price of $99.99 it’s not that bad of a deal.

Topps has also made every item individually available as well.

Click HERE to see all of the items.


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