DETROIT (CBS DETROIT) – You see it several times a day in the bathroom, but do you ever really take a close look at your body’s liquid by-product? It could be the key to diagnosing serious disease.

Sounds pretty gross, but experts say you can, in fact, learn a lot about your body from looking at your urine reports WWJ Newsradio 950’s Health Reporter Sean Lee.

Pale yellow to a more concentrated amber color typically indicates normal kidney function, but, the darker the color of urine, the more dehydrated you may be.

Some foods and drugs can temporarily change the color, but blood in your urine could mean kidney disease or other serious problems, according to Cleveland Clinic Urologist Daniel Shoskes.

If your urine is dark brown in color or foams every time you use the bathroom, see your doctor to rule out possible liver or kidney problems.



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