DETROIT (WWJ) – It’s the ultimate ladies night out: spending an evening with the Chippendales – a group of 20 super sexy, male dancers – 10 of whom will be performing at Motor City Casino Sound Board on Saturday, May 10th. And — even though the show’s been touring for 35 years — Chippendale Noah Sanderson says it’s going to be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before – even if you’ve been to one of their shows previously.

“The one that we have right now on tour, it’s great; updated music, great choreography,” Sanderson said during a phone interview from his home in South Dakota. “I mean, even some acrobatics. We have some guys who used to be in gymnastics. Whatever you’re expecting, it’s gonna be a level above that.”

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Sanderson, who’s been a part of the group for about a year, told WWJ he’s looking forward to performing in Detroit. And in case you’re going and you’re anxious to get really up close to the action, there will be opportunities to join him and the rest of the guys on stage.

“We do bring some people onstage,” Sanderson said. “Of course, there’s always the bachelorettes, there’s always the birthday girls, but there’s an opportunity to get up onstage, and it’s really, really a fun time. I don’t want to give away too much. I want there to be some surprises, but all the ladies need to know is that when they ask who wants to come up onstage, we pick the loudest, craziest girls.”

Sanderson couldn’t help but laugh when answering a question posed from a WWJ listener via Facebook: “What do they do with all of those dollar bills they get?”

Chippendale Noah Sanderson

“That’s a good question and you know what, she probably saw Chippendales, maybe a few years ago … when we did accept tips. But, actually right now in the show, we don’t accept tips, so we don’t really have to worry about too many of the dollar bills. We want people to come, we want them to enjoy the show; we don’t want it to be about who’s waving more money around, cause everybody gets to see the show and … we do crowd runs; we’re not gonna take ourselves completely out of the crowd. We run around, we’ll be dancing around, but we don’t actually accept tips. We don’t do lap dances any more cause we want everybody to be able to enjoy the show.”

But, if you’re going to the show and that’s what you were hoping for, don’t be disappointed. Sanderson says not accepting tips actually gives the audience “more of a show.”

“We don’t have to worry about taking the ones; you guys save them,” Sanderson said. “We got pictures afterwards; we got all kinds of merchandise … but don’t worry about tipping during the show. Tip your bartenders and tip your servers.”

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So in addition to his chiseled good looks, Sanderson is pretty generous. But, is he single?

“I am single and … I love meeting people,” he said. “Do I have someone special in my life? I have four special women in my life. I have my mom and my three sisters, and I love them dearly. But as far as my relationship status … I’m single.”

Single – and smart! Sanderson has a business degree and had a career in sales before he was asked to join the Chippendales. But, fortunately, for all the lucky ladies, he stepped from behind the desk and onstage with the Chippendales.

Ooh la la!

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