DETROIT (97.1 THETICKET) – Pat Caputo highlights three of the reasons the Pistons are looking especially bad these days.

1. If there was ever a team that needed an early first-round draft choice, it’s the Pistons., but they lost it Tuesday night in the NBA Draft lottery to Charlotte because of the ill-fated Ben Gordon trade. Losing your first-round draft pick just to unload a free agent you signed to a huge free agent contract? Horrible planning.

2. The Pistons are still stuck with Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings. New coach and president of basketball operations Stan Van Gundy is pretty sharp, but come on, he’d have to split the fish and divide the loaves to unload his inherited enigmatic duo of non-superstars.

3. Van Gundy has made it clear he still wants Greg Monroe, but let me ask the obvious question: Why would Greg Monroe still want to be a Piston? It’s going to cost the Pistons a small fortune to keep Monroe.


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