DETROIT (WWJ) – Would you pay $3.25 for a single piece of toast?

It’s a fashionable new food craze that some say is crazy, but — at Avalon International Breads in Detroit —  toast is trending.

Bakery manager Lesley O’Connel says customers really are getting something special when you place your toast order there.

“Because we use the organic flour, and all of our breads are made with flour, salt, and water — and there’s no preservatives in them,” O’Connel said.

It’s a trend that started months ago in San Francisco, Calif.

Launched this week, “toast” on the menu at Avalon is a simple, one-inch thick slice of bread, toasted and slathered with a variety of spreads.

(credit: Marie Osborne/WWJ)

(credit: Marie Osborne/WWJ)

“Of course, we use butter, and then there’s one with butter, honey and a little bit of sea salt, O’Connel  said. “The other one is butter with a cinnamon sugar mixture, and then right now we’re doing the cream cheese scallion.”

Bread choices include Motown Multigrain, Farnsworth Farm, and Corktown Cinnamon Raisin.

With packed bread baskets offered free with meals served all over town, the price for a slice might seem a little steep.

But, as one Avalon patron told WWJ Newsradio 950’s Marie Osborne, she’d rather have a great, fresh piece of toast than a heaven knows how old bagel at a local coffee joint.

The $3.25 price-point is pretty much in step with that of muffins, cake slices, and other baked goods at Avalon.