By Dan Leach

Blockbuster director Bryan Singer might be in some possible hot water away from the cinema, but as far as his craft goes, he hit a Miguel Cabrera-esque long ball with his latest output.

“X-Men: Days of Future Past” makes an excellent case of one of the best ever of its genre. From the opening scene that will jolt even the weakest of X-Men fans, to the films crescendo… which brought this man unapologetically to a few tears… The movie simply has all you could ask for in a comic book movie and then a tremendous amount more.

Run — don’t walk — to see it and you might just be surprised at where it ranks on your all-time list. Don’t forget to stay after the credits for a mind-blowing scene that sets up where the franchise is going next.

Enjoying  an X-Men Bros' night out with Dan Hasty! (Credit: Dan Leach/CBS Detroit)

Enjoying an X-Men Bros’ night out with Dan Hasty! (Credit: Dan Leach/CBS Detroit)

Here is my updated list of best superhero movies of all-time:

Honorable mentions – “The Dark Knight Rises” “Avengers”

5– “Watchmen”

Zack Snyder’s opus, based on the limited comic book series by Alan Moore, bends both time and reality. Its filmmaking and storytelling in true synergy and takes some of the most chances in recent cinematic history.

4– “Batman Begins”

The opening salvo of the trilogy by Christopher Nolan, who in my opinion is fast becoming the greatest director of our generation, shows you right away where Nolan is going to take the franchise. A fresh, edgy and emotionally grounded take on the Dark Knight that made us fall in love with the Caped Crusader all over again.

3– “Superman II” (Richard Donner Cut)

The way the movie was truly intended, and thank God for the groundswell of support on the internet to help make it happen.

2– “X-Men: Days of Future Past”

Rarely does one movie bring so many elements of the saga together and in such a hypnotic fashion. From start to finish, it’s a ride that you never want to end and leaves you just wanting more. There’s a scene in this movie that got the entire theater cheering. It will mesmerize you, and shows at its core why we love the movies so much.

1– “The Dark Knight”

Heath Ledger’s turn as the Joker is easily the best acting job in the genre’s history. Rarely does a movie of this genre ask such important questions about humanity and the thin line between heroism and villainy. TDK does that at an Oscar-worthy level, truly changing the game for all superhero movies that came before it and after.

What are your top 5 superhero movies?


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