An actress is defending her weight.

In an interview with “Rolling Stone”, Melissa McCarthy, known for her roles in “Bridesmaids” and “The Heat”, gets personal and funny about her philosophies in life. She admits that she could eat healthier and drink less, but she adds that she can also get “hit by a bus tomorrow.”

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The 43-year-old has been the target of nasty comments about her weight.

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Olivia Wilde takes it all off for her new movie “Third Person.” But she didn’t mind it.

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The 30-year-old actress tells David Letterman on “The Late Show” that now that she had a baby, she can look back at herself and see how she once looked. She did say however, that some scenes were more uncomfortable than others.

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Here’s some good news for Ben and Jerry’s lovers.

The ice cream brand has introduced two new flavors, and they’re inspired by sketches from “Saturday Night Live”, in honor of the show’s 40th anniversary this year. The flavors are called “Lazy Sunday”, which contains a vanilla cake batter ice cream base with chocolate and yellow cupcake pieces and a chocolate frosting swirl. The second flavor is “Gilly’s Catastrophic Crunch”, a combination of chocolate and sweet cream ice creams, with caramel clusters, fudge-covered almonds and a marshmallow swirl.

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