HOWELL (WWJ) — You can see lots of beautiful, colorful hot air balloons over Howell this weekend for the Michigan Challenge Balloonfest.

Event director Michell Tokan said that they will have skydivers and fireworks to complement the customary hot air balloons.

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“The pilots come back to the field, they inflate their balloon envelopes and then they ignite their propane burners and the balloon looks like a giant star or a big light bulb in the sky,” Tokan said. “It’s really beautiful to see.”

Erica Birth, of Clawson, was on hand at the balloon fly-in early Saturday morning.

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“I really like it — it’s really cool,” Birth said. “It’s great for photo opportunities.”

The 30th annual Balloonfest also featured carnival rides, an arts festival and Michigan Marketplace, games for the kids, food and entertainment.  Balloonfest runs through Sunday evening on the grounds of Howell High School.

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Rides were not given out to attendees, but information is available on how to embark on your own balloon adventure.