By Eric Thomas

“Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”

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That quote—widely attributed to noted Baltimore journalist and thinker H.L. Mencken—is marching on display in the many immigration-related protests that have popped up around the country.

Let’s not waste time with pleasantries: this is stupid.

Protesting the presence of immigrants is not a different opinion; it’s not contrarian, liberal, or conservative. It’s a demonstration of the shared stupidity among the people who’ve written misspelled words on the signs. If you think that an influx of immigration into America is a bad thing, you are an imbecile who hasn’t paid attention. This blog will likely do nothing to solve your misconceptions.

Protesting immigration is stupid, especially considering the economic woe that still reigns in this country. Writing awful things about children on a sign is inhuman. The conditions of the refugees held in detention centers along the border states are horrifying. Those who hold the signs and protest haven’t a shred of empathy. They don’t have even the ghost of intelligence when discussing matters they’d rather scream about than think about.

I concede that I’m not helping here. I will change no hearts or minds with the tone or tenor of this blog, and most people will not make it past the headline. I accept that. The people who stand with their signs have no interest in having a discussion. They have no interest in reading this blog because it doesn’t comport with their flawed logic.

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I have nothing but disgust for the protesters in Michigan. They should know better. The city of Detroit has bled population since the 1960s, and since that time there has been nothing but diminished resources and exploding problems. The suburbs swelled, and so did their ability to tax; the city emptied and destroyed their ability to govern. Seven of the most population starved places in America are in Michigan. They’re unaware that the instrument that could save their state is what they’re protesting against.

There is nothing wrong with the people in Latin American countries who want to come to this country. The problem is our ridiculous system of immigration, which deigns some human beings “illegal.” Americans do not benefit from this distinction AT ALL. We spend stupid amounts of money on a system that’s broken and not benefitting anyone. Someone wants to come here, earn a minimum wage and pay payroll taxes? Get them a Green Card as soon as possible. Want to have ten children? Great! Have you thought about eleven?

Cities with huge populations do well economically. This should be obvious. More people, more resources. Less people, and you have what’s happened in Detroit. No tax base and your hometown becomes the punchline for economic destruction and pictures of ruin porn.

Every pair of human hands is a resource. Every person who takes a job above the table pays taxes. Those taxes go into the system and help close budget gaps. Every person also presents a set of needs, and businesses appear to serve those needs. Even if they spend some time on welfare—and often they don’t—where do you suppose the welfare money goes? Right back into the economy, because every person has basic needs met by the goods and services in any given area.

Yet still, these protesters stand with blank faces and idiotic misspelled signs. They can’t quite articulate why an influx in immigration is a bad thing. I’ve seen some on the news say things about disease and crime, their world view limited to a question of good and bad. “Illegal means illegal!” say some, stuck in a semantic discussion rather than bothering to discuss the matter at hand. It’s amazing that most of these protesters will admit that they have views that favor less government, yet it’s MORE government interference that is the prescription for this particular problem. The government isn’t trusted, but the LAWS are infallible? Haven’t countless laws been overturned because they’ve proven ineffective in practice? We are a nation of laws, but those laws must change when they are causing the crisis.

You have the right to protest. No one should stop you, but you’re campaigning against your own interests. This isn’t new. Idiots throughout history have formed nativist groups, and you’re joining their ranks. I’d give you some of the history on this, but you’ve long ago started calling me names in the comment section. Here’s a quote that’s attributed to Mark Twain that illuminates the situation:

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“It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”