DETROIT (WWJ) Prominent Detroit political consultant Adolph Mongo threw a verbal Molatov cocktail with an open letter in Deadline Detroit today saying it’s time for black people to “tell the UAW and Democratic Party to buzz off.”

In a long opinion piece, he wrote the two stalwarts of African American political life haven’t done enough to help black people, and it may be time to embrace Republicans.

“Look at our recent history and the best years in Detroit came under a working relationship between a black mayor, Coleman A. Young, and a white Republican governor, William Milliken,” he wrote.

He’s urging local African Americans not to blindly vote the way they’ve traditionally voted, supporting the UAW and Democrats, and instead make them court their vote with new black leadership.

“If we are not good enough to lead the UAW, or lead the Democratic Party or head the party ticket, why should we support an agenda that is anti-us?” he wrote.

“Black people and Detroit need to run away — not walk, but run,” Mongo told WWJ’s Vickie Thomas. He added the vast majority of Detroiters voted for President Barack Obama, and he “hasn’t been in Detroit since 2008.”

Never one to shy away from controversy, in January Mongo called on Detroit NAACP President Rev. Wendell Anthony to resign over his decision to honor Kid Rock at a dinner.

His bone of contention was that Kid Rock, a native metro Detroiter, has been known to fly a Confederate flag, the flag that represented the South in its Civil War fight to preserve slavery.

“Rev. Anthony is making it OK for people like Kid Rock to fly the … confederate flag,” Mongo told Thomas earlier this year. “So, if he was wearing a Nazi flag and, and had it at his concerts, he wouldn’t be at the Palace, he wouldn’t be at none of these venues around the country because promoters would not book him.”



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