DETROIT (CBS Detroit) A petition filed in Wayne County’s family court reveals new allegations in the case of the once-thought missing boy who was actually barricaded in his basement.

Charlie Bothuell V, 12, was missing for nearly two weeks — with national coverage of his “disappearance” — before he was found June 25 by Detroit police in the bowels of the multiple-unit condo building where he lived with stepmother Monique Dillard-Bothuell and his father, Charlie Bothuell IV.

There are allegations Charlie V’s stepmother, Monique Dillard-Bothuell placed him in the basement, barricaded him in, and told him not to come out no matter what he heard.

“We’re familiar with those allegations; and what I’ve been asking for — and I still have yet to receive it — are the medical reports, the police reports, the forensic reports,” said attorney Mark Magidson, who represents Dillard-Bothuell. “I’ve been asking for that for the last two weeks.”

When he was found, the boy was evaluated at a hospital and returned to his biological mother, police spokeswoman Sgt. Eren Stephens said.

Authorities removed the boy’s two younger siblings – 4-years-old and 10-months-old – from the custody of Dillard-Bothuell and Charlie Bothuell IV.

An earlier family court petition revealed that a doctor had observed a half-circular scar on the boy’s chest, and he said the scar was “a result of his father driving a PVC pipe into his chest,” according to the petition, which also says the child had old scars on his buttocks from being hit with the pipe.

Charlie Bothuell IV had earlier denied abusing his son, though the new petition says “Bothuell disclosed physically disciplining Charlie V with a PVC pipe. An FBI search of the home produced the PVC pipe with which Charlie V was disciplined. It was disclosed that blood was found on the pipe.”

A warrant request in connection with the case has not been turned over to the Wayne County prosecutor’s office, spokeswoman Maria Miller said.

The new petition also says the child had old scars on his buttocks from being hit with the pipe.

And there’s this.

“Charlie V has experienced physical abuse by his father, Charlie Bothuell IV, for the entire two years he has resided in Mr. Bothuell’s residence. The abuse included being physically disciplined with a PVC pipe on his butt, feet, chest, head, thighs, sides, and arms.

“Charlie V disclosed after being physically disciplined with the PVC pipe, he was often too sore to sit or walk… Charlie V reports being physically disciplined so severely by Mr. Bothuell with the PVC pipe, the skin on his buttocks split opened in several areas.”

The victim also allegedly said he had been punched by his stepmother, Monique, in the past.

Perhaps the most startling new allegation came from what investigators was revealed with interviews with the child, who said he was also forced to complete a regular workout regiment as punishment.

“Charlie V was made to get up at 5 am, and complete two workouts per day, 7 days a week,” the report says.

  • The morning and evening workouts consisted of the following:
  • 100 push-ups, 200 sit ups, 100 jumping jacks, 25 arm curls on each arm with a 25lb weight, and 5000 revolutions on the Elliptical Trainer.
  • The evening workout consisted of the same routine, but instead of 5000 revolutions, Charlie V had to complete 4000 revolutions on the Elliptical Trainer.
  •  Charlie V reports having to complete the entire workout “in under an hour or I would have to do it again.”
  • Charlie V reports there were times when he was in too much pain to complete his workout, due to being hit with the PVC pipe on his feet. If he failed to complete the workout, he would “be in trouble again.”

Two preliminary hearings are scheduled for today at 9 a.m., one after another, before a referee in Wayne County Family Court.

This civil proceeding addresses parental rights and remains independent from any criminal proceedings.

For now Charlie will remain with his biological mother, and the younger two children with grandparents until the next hearing set for next week.

Magidson said Charlie will also undergo a psychological evaluation.