By Edward Cardenas

SOUTHFIELD (CBS Detroit) – Summer heat and humidity is returning to Metro Detroit early this week, and it is important to keep your body and smart phone cool.

Here are some warm weather apps to download and use in the coming days, according to AT&T:

Smart phone users heading out into the heat should follow these tips to protect their devices, according to AT&T:

  • Keep smart phones shaded: Direct, intense sunlight can wear down the battery and cause temporary loss of the screen display.
  • Don’t stack a smartphone on your tablet on top of your laptop:  Leaving these devices stacked in the sun conducts heat and cause batteries to burn out.
  • Keep it smart phones clean: A waterproof case will keep dirt, grime and water off smartphones.
  • Don’t leave in the car. Keep your phone and tablet in a cool place – don’t leave your phone in a hot car or trunk.  Keep a smartphone  in a purse, briefcase or backpack. Extreme heat can damage a wireless device.
  • Don’t handle when hot. Never handle a phone when it’s too hot to touch. Bring it to a cool place and leave it alone until it’s safe to touch.