HUNTINGTON WOODS (WWJ) – Monday marks one week since torrential rains flooded streets and freeways, trapping cars and sending rushing water into thousands of basements.

A quick look and everything seems like it is back to normal in Huntington Woods with joggers going by and people out walking their dogs – but then you see the mounds of memories-turned-trash after historic rains flooded the basements of many.

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La Forice Nealy is the Regional CEO for the Red Cross in Southeast Michigan and he explains the non-profit’s role moving forward.

“And at some point this will transition into more of a longer term recovery effort so the Red Cross will still be involved in those efforts as well and because there is a local Red Cross presence in the community – we will continue to access as long as we need to – to make sure the needs are being met following this particular disaster,” said Nealy.

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Damon Robinson takes a moment to give a treat to a family pet.

Damon Robinson takes a moment to give a treat to a family pet.

The American Red Cross handed out cleaning supplies – providing some relief to residents of Huntington Woods on Sunday, but for many, the flooding was a call to action, as volunteers like Damon Robinson took time to help in the clean-up effort.

“Because it happened to everyone”, said Robinson, “instead of one group of people or one set of individuals – it happened to everyone at the same time …everyone had the same situation, the same stories.”

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Robinson was helping those big and small, taking time to hand out a few dog treats to four-legged friends that might be a bit stressed by the flooding.