By: Evan Jankens

I have to say I’m a little sick of the Ice Bucket Challenge. I would rather see receipts of donations rather than the water being poured on peoples head but I digress.

Here are the top five Ice Bucket challenges done by professional athletes.

5. The USA Basketball team.

James Harden, Steph Curry, Rudy Gay among others took the challenge as a group and it turned out pretty funny.

4. Meghan Hardin

Meghan Hardin is a professional golfer who looks amazing while doing so. She did her challenge in a bikini and she didn’t disappoint.

3. LeBron James

LeBron took the challenge and nominated President Barack Obama. I wonder when he will do the challenge?

2. Derek Jeter

The captain has to be on this list since this is his farewell tour.

1. Michael Jordan

This might be a little biased, but once again Jordan has taken the number one spot over LeBron James — and he nominated the entire 1992 Dream Team.


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