By: Evan Jankens

Unassuming 97.1 The Ticket’s Jeff Riger was down at Comerica Park for Derek Jeter’s farewell tour, along with every other sports reporter in the world. Riger was also at the press conference where Jeter addressed the media.

The always polite Riger was doing his job, getting video for the website, when one reporter, Marly Rivera from ESPN Deportes had a little problem with his presence. From her position in a chair near him, she asked him to move. Riger pushed himself as close to the wall as he could.

That wasn’t good enough. Riger was asked to put his camera down so she could get a clean sight at Jeter as he was addressing the media. Jeff had a job to do so he wouldn’t put down his camera. She was on her phone, not recording anything.

That is when the magic happened. Rivera slammed her chair, and stomped away, calling Riger an, ahem, “mouche” as you can hear in the audio below.

She dug herself in deeper by asking a question during the press conference that misrepresented where Jeter broke his ankle (it was New York, not Detroit).

Riger, because that’s who he is, went up to her after the presser was over and apologized for accidentally standing too close to her. She shot back some nastiness, again, about him being in her way, and stomped off.

Now our own Riger is trending on Twitter nationally, with hundreds of people letting the world know that Jeff is, in fact, not a DB. #JeffisnotaDB is the hashtag. It’s being Tweeted at  @MarlyRiveraESPN.

This proves it for anyone who was in doubt: Never say something with cameras around you don’t want people to hear.

The hashtag includes an outpouring of support for Riger, who is demonstrably not a “mouche,” and let’s just say, not a lot of love for Rivera.


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