DETROIT (WWJ) – It’s the question dieters have tried to answer for years: Which diet works best?

Canadian researchers have found branded, trademarked diets like Atkins, Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig have similar levels of effectiveness.
Basically the key to success is sticking to whichever diet you pick.

Researchers analyzed nearly 50 clinical trials of branded diets, involving more than 7,200 overweight adults, average age 46.

At six months, people on low-carb diets had lost 19 pounds compared to 17 for low-fat dieters. After 12 months, there was no difference, the research showed.

Behavioral support upped weight loss by about seven pounds at six months, while exercise helped at 12 months, improving weight loss by about 4.5 lbs.

Learn more about the study at this link.


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