By: Jeff Riger

Detroit starter Max Scherzer was in a good mood on Sunday afternoon after his team clinched their 4th consecutive AL Central title.

Last year’s Cy Young winner had his goggles on and his bottom of Dom provided by the Tigers in hand.

Detroit wasn’t messing around after clinching the division on the last day of the season; they were popping the good stuff. Now, I’ve never bought a bottle and I’ve only had a sip of the stuff once so naturally I wondered if the team should be showering with a little less expensive champagne?

“No, no we won the American League Central, we’re going to the playoffs, I want the expensive stuff” Scherzer answered.

Scherzer went on to talk about the good stuff.

“It’s provided by the Tigers for these championship type of celebrations and championship celebrations deserve a championship type of champagne” Scherzer said.

I guess Scherzer has a point. The Royals did give Detroit all they could handle and it did take until the last day of the season to clinch the division so the team might as well go crazy. Plus if somebody is going to give me a bottle, I too would put it to good use.

Scherzer did talk baseball and how tough the division was to win this time around as well. Check out the video to find out what he said.


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