By: Mike Valenti

As the trade deadlines approach in your Fantasy Football leagues, here are a few guys I wouldn’t touch at any cost.


  • Antone Smith (RB-ATL) – Even though Smith ranks as a Top 12 RB option, I’m running far away if offered. For starters he’s done it on a ridiculous 23 touches … ALL SEASON. You really believe he can keep going to the house every 5th touch? Secondly, Smith is a part of a silly four-man rotation at RB. His value is at peak, hit reject.


  • Eddie Lacy (RB-GB) — Love the guy, but it’s just not working. One explosive week vs. the hapless Vikes doesn’t cut it. Line is average, Starks grabbing some passing snaps and if you are anything but 6-0 or 5-1 it’s tough to speculate for what Lacy will cost you. Reject it.


  • Matthew Stafford (QB-DET) —Just cannot do it. He should be a guy we target. Pass happy offense, solid weapons, weak schedule…but resist it. He looks lost, line stinks, no running game and I’m not sure how it gets better short of 2011 Calvin walking through that door. Pass.


  •  Jimmy Graham (TE-NO) — RARELY will I even consider a deal for an injured guy, even one with the talent of Graham. Reports have him missing 2-3 weeks after the bye and to me it’s too risky. Also factor in how awful the Saints look in general…and worse on the road. I’m passing. He’s a good player with a great cost. I’m not mortgaging more reliable options for hope of a massive second half.


  • Keenan Allen (WR-SD) — Just fight it. He’s beat up, the Chargers have 18 different guys they throw to and he was drafted as a No.1 by your trade partner. I’d avoid him at anything but bargain basement pricing. Actually, scratch that. He sucks. Run away.


  • Wes Welker (WR-DEN) – He’s toast. He’s certainly not getting red zone looks either.


  • Demarco Murray (RB-DAL) – Before you hit the “red X” and tell me to go to hell READ. I love him. He’s been an absolute monster. But … and this is the important part. He’s on pace for 400+ carries; Cowboys cannot and will not continue to punish him at this level. He will also cost you a fortune. Is it really worth dealing possibly two of your top three guys for him? I’m saying no.

Any Buccaneer: Just say no. Martin, Evans, Jackson, ALL. It’s a complete wasteland.


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