I was in love with the president.

Monica Lewinsky admitted that she was once in love with former President Bill Clinton. The former White House intern, who is now 41, recalled the infamous affair from the 90’s during a speech at the Forbes’ inaugural 30 under 30 Summit in Philadelphia. Lewinsky said that because of the affair, she became the first person to have her reputation “completely destroyed” by the Internet, even before Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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By the way, Lewinsky joined the Twitter world Monday.

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Would you name your baby Excalibur Anaconda or Bruce Jenner?

Actor Ryan Reynolds listed some crazy baby names for his son or daughter-to-be with his wife Blake Lively. Reynolds joked with a reporter at Canada’s Walk of Fame in Toronto about his and Lively’s plans for their child.

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This will be their first child.

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Before Nicki Minaj was Nicki Minaj, she didn’t do so well on the job front.

The rapper tell “GQ” magazine that before her music career took off, she worked as a customer service representative but didn’t do too well. The hip-hop star also says she was fired from her waitressing job at a Red Lobster because “she followed a couple who had taken her pen into the parking lot and then flipped them the bird.”

Yeah, that would get you fired.

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