By: Mike Sullivan

Seth Davis, from Campus Insiders, sat down with Mississippi State head football coach Dan Mullen for an exclusive interview.

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Mullen has had a very big impact in creating a powerful football program at Mississippi State that’s currently ranked as the best team in the nation.

Of course, many Michigan fans have been placing Dan Mullen on their “coaching wish list” as a potential name to replace current head coach Brady Hoke next season.

Seth Davis asked Mullen point blank if he would consider taking a high profile job opening like Florida or Michigan.

Mullen responded by saying, “Well, you know what, I’ve had calls before. (But) I understand that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.”

He went on to talk about how much his program at Mississippi State personally means to him and said, “I’ve had a hand in where every door in this facility went and how we’ve built this program from the ground up. I have a great administration and this program is built how I want a program to run.”

Mullen continued to discuss the concept of leaving Mississippi State for a “high profile” school:

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“A lot of times I’ll look and say ‘really, is that a better job?’ and I know in the perception, a lot of people say there’s no doubt that’s (Florida or Michigan) a better job. But in reality, I don’t know if that’s always the case.”

Mullen concluded by explaining a comment his wife made to him the other night, “My wife told me just the other night, we’re number one in the country, everybody wants this job, this is the ultimate destination job.”

Let’s look into that previous comment a little deeper…

To me, that’s a sign that the conversation of potentially leaving Mississippi State for another job has been brought up in the Mullen household recently. It’s been talked about between him and his wife, who seemingly wants them to remain in Starkville.

Overall though, Dan Mullen delivered a pretty diplomatic and expected explanation to Seth Davis.

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Mississippi State is the number one team in the country. They’re competing for a national championship. Mullen is obviously going to publicly maintain the perception that Mississippi State is the only place he wants to be right now.