By: Evan Jankens

In my generation, I have seen two of the cooler Presidents in office. I don’t care about politics, but if you could choose between all the Oval Office occupiers in history, wouldn’t you want to hang out with Bill Clinton and George W. Bush? Move aside Grover Cleveland, we’re having fun without you.

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Bill Clinton took to Twitter and tagged George W Bush, writing that he couldn’t believe W. hadn’t joined Twitter yet. Not hip enough for Twitter? It was a presidential shaming of the first order.

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George W. quickly replied — not on Twitter but Instagram! Bam, hope he was wearing something flame retardant because that, my friends, was a burn! All the hep cats know Instagram is even cooler than Twitter.

Either I am getting old or the older generation is getting younger, either way it’s still cool.

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Also, I wish my friends just referred to me as a number —  that’s making a statement.